Hello there ... I'm Annie Rich and my shop is called "AR-unique-leather-goods" ... because it is unique ... it fits women and men


Handmade Leather Art


My name is Annie Rich,

I design and produce in Brooklyn, NY. I have always been creative in one way or the other. Since 2004. I have been creating leather bags and accessories. My work is inspired by my daily experiences. My product design line is very simple,  made with raw materials of different types of leather. I love to work with leather. I learn something new everyday and I wish it will never end! I call my Hat Collection "just-pieces"  because I love to puzzle. My items present leather goods for men and women. The Collection is characterized by handmade "Art Work." My pieces are multi-functional and uniqueAll products are handmade, most of them are unique plus I am recycling, so less garbage for the city. The source of inspiration behind my collection comes from the day to day experience and love of working with fascinating raw materials.


Just contact me at: annie-rich@mail.com


With a great love for the creations I make.

Welcome to my website!

AR by Annie Rich